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PHAT Special Guests

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     "Gifted Hands”, born Immanuel Mitchell, is an American Music Artist and Songwriter, whose music is positive and inspirational. He has been making music since the young age of 12. While going through waves of depression at age 15, he began writing his own music, which was originally written by his older brother.  Music has been his constant outlet, and this purposed in him the desire to inspire anyone who would listen to his music by sharing his life experiences, lessons learned, and his point of view with the world. 

     In 2014, “Gifted Hands” graduated from Landstown High school, located in Virginia Beach, VA, where he showcased his musical abilities by performing in talent shows. “Gifted Hands’” most notable achievement is the impact of his song “Why Not Start” on his supporters all over the world. 

     Gifted Hands’ dream has always been to touch and inspire the world with his music and he is in the process of making his mark. “You didn’t come this far to only come this far. Stay consistent and committed.  Stay determined and disciplined.  It only gets better”. ~ Gifted Hands”

     Shaniya Reddy is a seventh grader, honor roll student that resides in Chesapeake, Virginia. She has a passion for reading, writing, performing and modeling. 

     As a writer, Shaniya has written poems and rap songs. She began writing her first children's book, My Beautiful is Black during the pandemic. She was inspired to write a book after participating in a virtual reading show. She recently decided to publish the book and it can now be purchased on . 

     As a performer she has graced the stage in many local shows. Her latest performance was in the production of "Black Girl Magic". Shaniya is currently a student with the Hurrah Players and Brandi Bollen Voice Studio. She is also the CEO of Shaniya's Lemonade Stand, and Reddy-to-go-Hot Cocoa. Shaniya is a great pillar to the community and is destined for greatness

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